Bento Alternatives and what happens to my db if I upgrade to Bento 4?

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    Greetings, first post here so please bear with me if this has been asked before. I tried searching for answers but came up empty-handed.

    Anyway, I'm a plastic surgery resident and I like to keep a database with personal notes on all my cases. I have been using for the past year the Bento App. I've spent hours creating the database templates and adding patient charts.

    However, I sync and backup my iPad with my home PC and I'm getting a little nerovus about how things are backed up. Also, I would like to start having this database available on my Macbook Air that I also take to work everyday along with the iPad. So far from what I read the only way to have this would be to upgrade to Bento 4 and buy Bento for Mac and start syncing my iPad with the macbook instead of the PC, correct?

    However, if I were to start syncing my iPad with the macbook, wouldn't I lose the bento 3 database I currently sync with the PC? Is there anyway to keep it? I can't afford to lose it, but I also can't afford to keep using Bento 3 and have no reliable backup for that data.

    Also, if I change my backup method and start backing up the ipad to icloud, will my Bento database also be backed up to the cloud and thus allow me to access it from new devices synced to that icloud account?

    Finally: are there any alternatives to Bento that anyone would recommend for doctors? I'm looking for something simple but that could be used across my devices (macbook, PC, and iPad) and preferrably with cloud syncing and backup.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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