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Below Verizon's 1GB $20/month prepaid threshold

Discussion in 'iPad Carriers' started by veryken, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. veryken

    veryken iPF Novice

    Jun 27, 2012
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    It really sucks that Verizon doesn't offer a 500MB/month $10/month prepaid service. Or less. That's essentially all I need, and only twice (maybe up to three various months) each year as I travel. The other times I'm just at home using my WiFi (in different rooms, backyard, etc).

    Even 200MB at $10/month prepaid would be attractive to me. Yeah call me a cheap bastard. It's true. That's all I need.

    So I've tried the WiFi hotspots at McDonald's and Starbucks. Pitiful speeds. And then I have to *plan* on going into those McDonald's or Starbucks (or Peet's, etc.) when I don't feel like it. Sometimes I need a signal when I'm on the road (traveling).

    Anybody else in similar situation?
    How can we lobby Verizon or AT&T for a smaller, cheaper, more efficient package?
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