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Belkin Tablet Cases - review & sale

Discussion in 'Tablet2Cases.com' started by McTablet_T2C, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Belkin Tablet Cases

    Spawned from a garage in Hawthorne, California, Belkin has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Founded by two individuals in 1983, the company has stepped out of its original humble confines to become 1,000+ employees strong with an outreach extending throughout three continents. And now, with their collection of Belkin tablet cases, they are anticipated to keep pace with the equally fast-moving tablet PC market

    Belkin iPad 2 Verve Folio Stand Case

    Price: $44.95
    Rating: 3.8/5
    Style: Folio
    Tablet:Apple iPad 2


    Belkin iPad 2 Access Folio Stand

    Price: $34.95
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Style: Folio
    Tablet:Apple iPad 2


    Belkin iPad Grip Vue Back Protector in Purple

    Price: $39.95
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Style: Tablet Protector
    Tablet: Apple iPad

    Belkin iPad 2 Slim Folio Stand

    Price: $39.99
    Rating: 3.2/5
    Style: Folio
    Tablet:Apple iPad 2


    Shipping: Worldwide

    To check the detailed ratings & buy the case online please visit the Belkin iPad Cases reviews at Tablet2Cases.com.

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