Belkin Introduces the Qode Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for for the iPad Air 2

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    Belkin has introduced a new product that joins its lineup of Qode keyboard cases for the iPad Air 2 - the Qode Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case. The Qode Ultimate Lite is similar in design to the Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case and the Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case, but it is much lighter and has a slimmer profile.

    The Qode Ultimate Lite Keyboard case weighs in at 370 grams, being around 150 grams lighter than the company's Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case. The Ultimate Lite features an aluminum keyboard base, spaced keys that replicate the feel of a MacBook keyboard, and a folio design that protects the iPad when the keyboard is not in use.

    The keyboard also comes with Belkin's signature swivel design, allowing it to be used in portrait or landscape mode with built-in magnets that offer multiple viewing angles. The tablet also features an auto on/off feature that preserves battery life. The Ultimate Lite Cases's battery is said to last for six months on a single charge.

    The Qode Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2 can be purchased from the Belkin website for a price of $99.99.

    Source: Belkin

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