Being sent to the Home Screen when in Safari and Mail

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    There seems to be some issue about whether it is space, open apps, etc, by reading the posts. Here is (was) my case when I first started the thread. It seems to have been lost in replies, and I will also add a little more info:

    Devices it was happening on: iPad Air (128 GB with 101 available), iPhone 5 (32 with 3.5 available), and iPad Mini (not sure as I have not used it since I got the Air and husband now uses the Mini. Forgot the size. I know,though, that he has plenty of space because I removed all of my stuff before I turned it over to him and he only has a little on it.

    Uses: No videos, none of those major games people play. Just solitaire and word finds, some photos, PDF's. Not used for streaming videos, etc.

    We do close down apps. We do hard shutdowns or whatever it is called. It was happening in all three devices after the 7.0 update. The issue did not exist before that on the Mini and Phone. The Air came with the 7.0. We don't have apps open on the bottom screen that you see when double tapping the home button. I am in the habit of closing them down. If I forget, there are never a bunch when I do remember because I don't use a lot. It makes absolutely no difference. P

    Since we have plenty of space, I doubt that is (was) the issue. It was constant with 7.0 and was with the built in Mail and Safari apps, only. It had happened only occasionally since all three were updated with the 7.1. I have only had a couple instances of it happening on my Air when in the Mail app that comes built in on the pad when purchasing. It has also only happened a couple times in Safari on the Air. It has not happened on the mini or my iPhone 5 since updating to 7.1.

    I believe it was an issue with 7.0 and has almost been fixed with 7.1. I think there may be a little something on the iPad Air that is not reacting as suspected in certain conditions. Unfortunately, I have not paid attention to exactly what actions I was doing when I was exited because I do not know when or if it will happen.

    It has only happened with the built-in Safari app and built-in mail app.

    I do not use the included social media apps and have no social media apps installed and running, just in case someone comes up with that.

    Since it is now just very occasionally on the Air since the 7.1 upgrade, my original post that started this thread is no longer relevant and responses are really not needed since it is not referring to the current iOS. The issues were referring to the old 7.0, not the 7.1 now being used.

    I think this information was being lost as the thread went on.
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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Caq, you are right on target. Apple has addressed this memory management issue in the 7.1 update. I was getting 2-5 crashes to home screen per day before the 7.1 update. This was almost 100% of the time while using Safari. Now, it happens very seldom.....maybe once every 4 days. So, although not completely gone, they have made progress! I haven't seen any crashes on my iPhone 5s.

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    Aug 6, 2014
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    I hate iPad Air. Constant crashing in Safari due to low memory, so I got a replacement from Apple. Same difference! Maybe worse. Come on Apple, give us some quality.
    I've owned every iPad version. The Air is awful.
    {"version":"104","bug_type":"198","os_version":"iPhone OS 7.1.2 (11D257)"}
    Incident Identifier: 810BDB33-50E4-4758-B7B3-2D6D1ED9EB37
    CrashReporter Key: ff43ec68080127364052f78fd564ed02f791ca70
    Hardware Model: iPad4,1
    OS Version: iPhone OS 7.1.2 (11D257)
    Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 14.0.0: Thu May 15 23:17:54 PDT 2014; root:xnu-2423.10.71~1/RELEASE_ARM64_S5L8960X
    Date: 2014-08-03 15:42:17 -0600
    Time since snapshot: 147 ms

    Free pages: 7320
    Active pages: 91009
    Inactive pages: 40085
    Speculative pages: 5855
    Throttled pages: 0
    Purgeable pages: 65
    Wired pages: 95876
    File-backed pages: 29207
    Anonymous pages: 107742
    Compressions: 224528
    Decompressions: 58971
    Compressor Size: 15353
    Uncompressed Pages in Compressor: 48435
    Largest process: MobileSafari

    Name <UUID> rpages recent_max fds [reason] (state)

    MobileSMS <b842b887784634e3b849729bae4175dd> 4710 4710 200 (background)
    MobileMail <f359afe7da513629b0a6b8aa32a0b90b> 11202 11202 200 (continuous)
    tccd <e37a9bd3403c34adbbd9d75e9022240a> 239 239 100 (daemon)
    kbd <2669fa0ab11a356fbd9482881637e730> 1405 1405 200 (daemon)
    CVMServer <28d53e69bd22355b977d526be53a8134> 95 95 200 (daemon)
    MobileSafari <7d39832f7338323abeb1b07f4b6e80bf> 179337 179337 200 [per-process-limit] (frontmost) (resume)
    identityservices <1695cbd72da83c4c87c568bd53a01d24> 604 604 100 (daemon)
    syslogd <88667a0c3dc6398e9b1c6a0c5a5d8f24> 440 440 50 (daemon)
    imagent <5a1a726d45e033f2bea34c3ae04e817c> 440 440 50 (daemon)
    wifid <c0ed3dbc8d7f329489a04faf460c027c> 422 422 50 (daemon)
    powerd <1a8551a962783aa9899be0e55a9c1e58> 151 151 100 (daemon)
    locationd <3480b01585f039ca9c45ecc16928d8b0> 1263 1263 100 (daemon)
    mediaserverd <6c2cee9548813cea95bf5548d3411408> 1540 1540 50 (daemon)
    iaptransportd <009cdd0e53bf34829b6a8b69e0ca49bf> 274 274 100 (daemon)
    mDNSResponder <090a345fd6e13f52b156a3eb9a0e78ee> 356 356 200 (daemon)
    apsd <f96e01aab90637b0822aff105bf78d70> 592 592 100 (daemon)
    sharingd <63eae5785eac326987c89d771258ebf8> 706 706 200 (daemon)
    dataaccessd <ae41b26410e3338ba33e337fb5439069> 2357 2357 200 (daemon)
    itunesstored <3768d425f2103c209fdd1722b8f5acaa> 3522 3522 200 (daemon)
    mobileassetd <8574a112afc337638edcd9ac0404f1c6> 857 857 100 (daemon)
    mediaremoted <336797e58ac036298bdcdd5d558c227c> 261 261 100 (daemon)
    timed <294a840542e13dca88162e0fbe687f94> 10 10 200 (daemon)
    SpringBoard <ccb584e84f2f3005a9c20897fdb783dd> 12314 12314 200
    backboardd <3085386f5f99357aa9f055e0fb79b827> 63974 63974 50 (daemon)
    fseventsd <8b8df4c7b46b3dcfb4e1b1d8a6cbb686> 447 447 50 (daemon)
    lockdownd <6bdd33b3920236808292915812d386c8> 477 477 50 (daemon)
    wirelessproxd <41e0cf822ff33124b3c3949cedce7fd2> 195 195 50 (daemon)
    configd <2123dc8c1e103375aec0905809a8d38e> 614 614 50 (daemon)
    fairplayd.A2 <9948545906083ff9962c310943eb34de> 181 181 100 (daemon)
    aggregated <178824f7adc231249e9e341c03c36855> 466 466 100 (daemon)
    BTServer <5540f7e4ecd535b9a48b50258130dbd1> 516 516 100 (daemon)
    distnoted <a237d6a85cae3c409b914ccb8e5b63f1> 225 225 100 (daemon)
    UserEventAgent <f9cb9c166628392a9d190acff16950b9> 652 652 50 (daemon)
    networkd <7262086478d63812ae40c561e8e1acbf> 760 760 100 (daemon)
    filecoordination <4d26113e2e3d3b21832eb866679edf38> 261 261 200 (daemon)
    vsassetd <1c77086515ec3592bcb18014f93ebf85> 229 229 200 (daemon)
    itunescloudd <266cb30204a039d5b2f5aba30cf05015> 2743 2743 200 (daemon)
    ubd <b54681e3319e36b48148ab2026ebf542> 956 956 200 (daemon) <8b05749629303b2d83ed6d648d4e73dd> 233 233 200 (daemon)
    touchsetupd <9d37501e59f13ca1b1577435bdb43a9f> 197 197 200 (daemon)
    SCHelper <7667b57666a83db8b33b64543c5c336e> 114 114 200 (daemon)
    CommCenterClassi <2c4bf0ca27d238fc8f5a25307fcc15ea> 461 461 50 (daemon)
    notifyd <1d555aa3d08c336294a38d9c134dca00> 268 268 100 (daemon)


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