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    Here is a first list with some of my favorite apps

    Evernote : app to manage notes, possibility to organize notes in different notebooks, save search queries for reuse, ...
    + simple to use
    + todo checkbox to more easily find todo's
    - no list of todos from different notes, but with convention, you can do this with search queries
    - pc application necessary to manage different notebooks

    Adobe Reader : app to read pdf's
    + possibility to make annotations, highlight with marker, draw on the pdf,...
    + annotated pdf can be sent via mail

    Hello ! : app from belgacom to follow up 3G spending
    + good to see what's left from your monthly 2 GB

    Flipboard : app that assembles the latest news from the web, and shows it like a magazine
    + very easy to setup
    + can also integrate news from your twitter account

    Railtime : app from NMBS for train information


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