BBC iPlayer for iPad Coming February 10

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Pocket-lint reports today that the long-awaited BBC iPlayer app for iPad will be arriving in the App Store this Thursday, February 10. The information comes directly from Geoff Marshall, a BBC Interactive operations manager, who tweeted the following after a BBC meeting about the app:

    Marshall followed up his initial tweet by stating that the app would, as expected, only be available in the UK, and that there will be no iPhone app. He also spoke about the current browser version of the BBC iPlayer, saying that it will be upgraded with the ability to inter-link to non-BBC programmes today, February 8.

    Since Marshall’s flurry of tweets, Pocket-lint has also obtained official confirmation from the Head of Communications for the BBC’s Future Media & Technology Division that the app will indeed be released on February 10.

    Source: BBC iPlayer for iPad downloading 10 February - Pocket-lint
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    Will await judgement on this is I don't like their restricted mobile interface. Indeed I wonder what actual value it will have as their browser interface works perfectly well.

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