Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition launched for iPad users

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    The Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition game is now available for download from the App Store for iPad users. Role playing game fans from all over the world can now play this classic title from 2000 on their iPads.

    The Enhanced Edition packs the original Baldur's Gate II and later-released expansion packs such as Throne of Bhaal, Fist of the Fallen, Unbound, A Shadow's Life, In Defense of the Wild, The Black Pits 2: Gladiators of Thay and Gallery of Heroes 2: Keiren Yanner. The game comes with multiplayer games and widescreen support and includes remastered area artwork along with interface improvements. It is available for $14.99 on the iTunes store and has a size of 1.92 GB.

    Source: Baldur's Gate II on iTunes

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