Avoid connection timeout, when I leave home

Discussion in 'iPAD Connect' started by Perduicitte, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I could not find this specific situation previously posted, so there it is:
    My iMac and iPad 2 are connected to my AirPort, which is connected to the router.

    While I am home, all internet connections work fine.
    I leave for work, no anomalies noted with wifi connections, the ipad's wifi works great away from home.
    I come back home, the AirPort device is not recognized anymore by neither iMac or ipad; and will refuse to log with the password, citing a "Connection timeout".
    I go unplug the AirPort, replug and then it works again. This is not my favourite solution.
    It has happened since i bring the ipad away from home; and doesn't when the ipad stays at home.

    Is there a setup, or manner that I can avoid this connection timeout, when bringing the ipad with me when I leave?
    Thanks a million for helping!


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