Audio distortion from iPad to amplification source

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    Hello.. I'm a newbie here, but no a newbie to iPads.

    Recently, I purchased an iRig midi interface to use with some of the cool apps, like iGrand, pocket organ, garage band, etc.

    Everything hooked up great---midi-wise---

    However, there is these extreme distortion on feedback from the headphone jack on my iPad 2 to my mixing console. I've been using a standard Radio Shack stereo mini jack from the iPad to stereo inputs to my mixer. I've tested the sound through the tiny iPad speakers and their is no distortion.

    I was able to eliminate some of the feed back by turning down the volume on the iPad and mixing board, but I still have a great deal of noise. I would describe the noise as "white noise" that sounds like a swishing sound.

    Is there some proprietary audio cable I should be using?

    Any or suggestions or help would be welcome!

    Dan :)

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