AT & T to Subsidize iPad in US

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    AppleInsider reports that AT&T is to start subsidising the iPad, making this the first time that any US carrier has done so since the original iPad was released back in 2010. The report was based on a new official announcement from AT&T, which said that it is offering a promotional discount to tablet customers, just in time for the holidays, giving them $100 off any tablet purchased at an AT&T company-owned store, or online at AT&T Cell Phones, U-verse, Digital TV, DSL Internet, and Phone Service, or at selected agents or retailers. In order to qualify for the discount, you simply have to sign up for a two-year data plan. Among the data plans are the option to add your iPad to AT&T’s Mobile Share plan at a cost of $10 per month to share between 1GB and 20GB. Other plans include a 250MB DataConnect plan for $15, and a 5GB DataConnect plan for $50! Ouch, pricey!

    Source: AT&T to be first U.S. carrier to subsidize Apple's iPad, AT&T

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