AT&T registers a 200% iPad activation increase over the past year

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    AT&T, the biggest carrier in the United States, has issued a statement saying that the company has seen a 200% increase in iPad activations over the past year for the launch weekend. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T Mobility’s CEO, said the following in the statement:

    Let’s not forget that the iPad mini with Retina Display hasn’t yet commercially launched, which means the iPad Air is the sole “culprit” for this impressive increase in number of activations. Besides the consumer excitement surrounding the iPad Air, AT&T believes that the popularity of AT&T’s Mobile Share data plans has also contributed to more iPad sales this year.

    The iPad Air represents one of the biggest revamps that the iPad has received since its introduction in April, 2010. The fifth-generation iPad is much lighter, more powerful thanks to the new 64-bit chip architecture and features a new, iPad Mini-like design.

    Therefore, it was expected that consumers are going to be interested in acquiring one, as increased iPad trade-in activity has been seen prior to the launch of the iPad Air. In order to meet the demand, Apple has made sure that the iPad Air stock is plentiful.

    Source: AT&T
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