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    Saw the story about that asteroid possibly impacting the earth in 2036 so checked Luminos (it has a Potentially Hazardous section of objects NASA is tracking due to potential earth related impacts), Luminos had Apophis which is awesome so I took some screenies so you can check out where that thing is in relation to Earth's orbit.

    This first one I did using Luminos' "Ride Along" feature which lets me ride on top of satellites and asteroids as they travel through their orbits.


    This next one is an orrery view which shows you where Apophis is in relation to the Earth's orbit (earth's orbit is rendered with the blue line)


    In this last one I zoomed out from earth and then turned on all the Potentially Hazardous object NASA is tracking, talk about spooky!


    I think it'll be so creepy when Apophis does finally get near earth, even if its a miss in Luminos Ill get to ride on it as it shoots by the Earth (missing hopefully!)

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