Asian supply sources: the iPad mini is becoming more popular than the iPad

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    Since the release of the iPad mini, there has been a raising concern amongst analysts that the cheaper tablet is going to cannibalize the sales of the full fledged iPad. Now adding wood to fire, are a host of estimates coming from Asian sources, which are thought to be closer to the matter.

    For example, the well known DigiTimes publication estimated that in the second quarter of the year, Apple shipped a total of 19.5 million tablets. Out of this huge number, only 7 million were 9-inch tablets. Tech-Thought’s Sameer Singh also made a very favorable prediction regarding the iPad mini for the quarter that just ended. He sees iPad mini shipments reaching th​​e 12 million threshold. He also claims that it’s impossible that Apple will end up selling less than 9 million shrunken tablets. Lots of people seem to have a lot of faith in the device. We wonder what would happen if one analyst’s prediction (Ming-Chi Kuo) becomes reality and the Cupertino tech giant is indeed cooking up a low cost iPad mini in its development labs. Will it follow the same trend and become more popular than the iPad mini?

    Even if Apple is a company known for its high-end products, the tech giant couldn’t stay out of the cheaper priced tablet market any longer. With Google’s Nexus tablet available for $199 and Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab being priced at $179, Cupertino had to do something in order to prevent being kept out of the loop. The solution it found seems to agree with consumers, but at what price?

    Source: Cnet

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    Yep! I like iPad mini too!I read an article about iPad mini VS. iPad 3 VS. iPad 4 on iFunia blog. It let me decided to buy the mini. I think mini is [FONT=Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]quite[/FONT] cool!

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