Are iPad apps limited in functionality due to iOS???

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by DrBRAD, Nov 14, 2010.

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    I'm not a developer, but I'm curious if someone can answer this question. As I browse through the app store for new iPad apps, it's clear that 99% of the apps that exist fall into very specific categories, with very similar functions. Like there are hundreds of todo list apps, hundreds of print apps, hundreds of simple drawing apps.

    Photoshop has an app, but it is little more than a glorified photo cropper. Why doesn't adobe release a true iOS tablet version of Photoshop? What prevents them from doing this?

    My question is, is the lack of complexity and depth in most apps a result of the restrictive "cookiecutter" nature of the iOS app development platform? Is it a result of the "newness" of the platform? Is it a lack of manpower? A lack of talented developers? What is it?

    I would love to see more apps like Apple's iWork suite. These apps are closer to the complexity of desktop apps, and seem to go beyond the cookiecutter feel of most iOS apps. Why aren't there more productivity apps like these?

    -Dr. Brad (from the Today in iPad podcast)
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    The real issue is cost: the cost to develop the apps, and the price consumers are willing to pay. Most any app developer will tell you that sales have a direct relation to app price. Apple charges $30 for the entire iWorks Suite which is at the top end of the cost scale, and I'm betting it's a loss-leader to help the iPad's market perception.

    Splashtop Remote's on-site blog details how they made the app #1 in its category in several markets by dropping the price from $16.99 initially (which is still cheaper than a LOT of such apps) to $1.99, even 99 cents for a period. They basically decided that keeping the app in the top 10 listings at the App Store in various markets is the best advertising, and so their marketing spend is reducing the price and offering specials to keep it there so that the sales keep coming.

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