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    AR Color brings your kids to a colorful world, and helps them know color better.
    Color is an amazing gift the god sent to our human beings. It brings happiness and gives beliefs to us. The mysterious black, the pure white, the noble purple, and also the enthusiastic red lead us to a beautiful world. However, sometimes you may be busy and have no time to teach your little kids about the colorful world. Why not to try the AR color, and bring the gifts to your child we created for parents like you.

    Kid-friendly interface makes your kids learn color without your assistant;
    The special design not only teaches kids the information about color, also guide users to a relevant imagination, other similar apps may never consider about that.

    So, what are you waiting for, click your mouse, and AR Color will be for you.

    I'd like to introduce our another useful app Drawing Master

    Please follow us if you'd like to know more about our products:Edited by Moderator - social media link removed, please read our rules

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