AppSpeed Monster Truck is Controllable With Your iPad or iPhone

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    RC fans might like to check out this AppSpeed Monster Truck that can be controlled completely via your iPad or iPhone. As you can see from the video, this looks like a lot of fun. The truck itself costs $69.90 to buy from Dexim, and once you’re holding it in your hands all you have to do is download the free AppSpeed app to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to start sending your truck hurtling along the ground. The truck contains a custom-built RF Transmitter, enabling 360-degree movement, and also gives the user the option of choosing from a traditional touch sensor and the gravity sensor to move the truck around. If you opt to use the gravity sensor mode, you can make the truck move simply by tilting your device backwards, forwards, right or left. And if several of your friends get their own RC trucks, you can all race against each other via the multiplayer mode. There’s even a feature that enables you to automatically ZigZag, Spin or Dance your vehicle to music, according to Dexim’s website.

    Source: dexim - DF Speed Race Car for iPod/iPhone/iPad, via The Loop
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