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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by bertair, Oct 28, 2011.

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    I have had an APP for sometime on my iPad and iPod Touch; "eWi Fi", which was great for finding wi fi anywhere I went, both the locked wi fi and free unlocked. It also displayed signal strength.
    Now when I go to open it on either device, it shuts itself immediately and returns to Home Screen.
    Looking at my iTunes App folder it is not displayed, nor will iTunes locate it in the Apps Store.
    It seems that Apple have withdrawn it. Perhaps for some misguided idea of "Privacy Concerns".
    The other Wi Fi Finder Apps that are available in the Apps Store are really only data bases of where wi fi can be located,eg. McDonald's, Starbucks etc.
    If I am travelling, I do not necessarily want to go to these stores.

    I would like to be able to find a free wi fi where I am at that time and the old eWi Fi could do that.
    Now there seems to be no replacement doing that job.

    A number of my other Apps have dropped off the radar and are no longer to be found on either device since upgrading to IOS5.
    I understand that some App Developers have not updated the Apps at this stage, but it seems that Apple have withdrawn some of the Apps updated or not from the Apps Store.
    I could list over a dozen apps that have gone from either device since upgrading to IOS 5.
    Some are paid Apps as well. Not happy Apple.!!!..

    I have tried the tips and tricks on this Forum and others to no avail to either find them or restore them.
    Backed up to my HDD before I did the upgrade, but now with IOS there is no going back either to IOS 4 and having things as before.
    Worst upgrade I have ever done with Apple.
    I wish now I had not upgraded !!!!
    Others faced with this too ?

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