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    Lets share different apps for health care workers, please post on this thread, thanks

    1. Human Body 3D Anatomy: This app is available for $2.99 and can be used to refresh yourself on all of the systems in the human body. It includes complete information on different systems, and uses 3D animations to make anatomy come alive.
    2. iAnatomy: View cross sections of the body with actual CT scans of different areas. Includes cadaveric images, as well as helpful labels. Perfect if you are looking to refer to different scans and images. Cost is $0.99.
    3. Skyscape’s Medical Bag: Features helpful reference information that you can take with you wherever you go, for $1.99. Includes a number of clinical tools, lab tests and medical calculators that can help you find the information you need.
    4. Medscape: This remains the essential free reference app for healthcare professionals. Medscape offers clinical relevance, accuracy and more. It is still a trusted name in medical apps, and bringing it on rounds is a great way to have instant access to the information you need, including breaking medical news and the latest procedures.
    5. Eponyms: If you are looking up different medical terms, this free app is invaluable. While this version is meant for student, veteran healthcare professionals can use it as a refresher.
    6. Taber’s Medical Dictionary: Take medical reference to the next level with this app. Includes photos, care statements and more than 60,000 terms. You do have to buy a $49.95 subscription, but for those who are looking for a reliable reference to take with them, this is a great choice.
    7. 3D Teeth: If you are a dentist, or if you are trying to determine whether a patient needs to see a specialist, you can use this app, available for $1.99, to view reference information about the mouth and teeth, see 3D images of teeth, and get information on different diseases.
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    Hi Aileen - just curious why you wanted to list all of these medical apps, i.e. might help others to better understand the reason(s)? Just a bit about my background - a retired academic radiologist (specialized in abdominal imaging) - published a dozen books & over 200 articles in my field (among many other contributions), so you've piqued my interest w/ your post - Dave :)

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