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    I can't understand why when I am doing a search, and usually after I have found the search page I was looking for , trolling around on this site going from one item to the next with in this site, my iPad seems to receive a hidden command to stop what it is doing and opens up the app page. To get back to the page I was looking at, I have to close this page which puts me on my home page, from there I press Google and resume what I was doing before this happened.
    Bad thing is, that this is occuring more and more. Is this typical of the iPad trying to sell apps or just something I need to fix in settings.

    As always tanks for your help.

    Also I have found that my scrolling ability is very spotty it will work one time and the next second will not work, then work again, this is annoying and can't figure out why this might be happening. This lately happens all the time never gets better.

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    It's probably malformed ad banners.

    Normally these banners will only take you to the App Store if you tap on them, but occasionally they will cause problems and you'll be taken there automatically, when the banner loads.

    Clearing History and Website Data in Settings > Safari will usually stop this, at least temporarily. Depending on the sites you visit, it can come back.
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    I don't know what banners you are talking about, i do or am not pressing any banners to speak of. Lets say i am using google looking at the site on tje internet that often states stuff like 15 worst plastic surgeries, or 10 of tje ugliest dogs, etc. choosing one of these options to view, will often times not take me to that page but will open up the apps store page.

    I have to admit here that usually when i ask a ? Here i am usually given tje answer, pretty soon and directly, because of all your combined knowledge. But this answer given to this problem leads me to believe that there is no fix for this.

    Saying it can come back means it went away, this does not go away, it started to happen and continues to happen. It does not make since that the app store apps page would just show up on your i pad out of no where. This to me is very odd and i hoped that others would chime in and say they have had this happen to them, and already know the fix. I regularly clear history and cookies from both safari and google, so i am thinking this may not be be the sole problem, but i am just assuming here.
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    There are lately a lot of things that happening to my experiences here on the use of ipad. Such as the scrolling problem that showd up out of no where and scrolls when it wants to and not when i want to. Also something else is when i select tje google icon, and the google page shows up. When i type the first letter in the box, the screen slides down out of view, very quickly, then reappears with the selection box more to the top of the page with the first letter i typed still there, but the keyboard is gone so i have stop select the keyboard, and the start again. This only happens when google page is started from choosing off of my apps other time such as when i try to enter snother word in the blank space, after the first time it will stay and the screen does not slide down.. I would guess that this may be a google thing i don"t know.

    But it is a bit of a pain, especially since this is a newer problem that never happened before, and now it never stops.

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