Apple's Total Cash Reserves Could Buy Nearly Every Major Sports Team on the Planet

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    Last week Apple's earnings report was revealed. Unsurprisingly, they had a monster quarter, posting $51.5 billion in revenue and snatching up a quarterly profit of $11.1 billion. This gives the company a new cash reserve of $206 Billion US Dollars. The folks at BGR put together a fun little analysis which concludes that Apple could actually afford to buy almost every "major" sports team in the world, and still have money left over!

    Here's their breakdown:
    • 32 United States NFL Football teams = $37.2 billion
    • 29 United States NBA Basketball teams = $32 billion
    • 30 United States Major League Baseball teams = $36 billion
    • All United States NHL Hockey teams = $14.7 billion
    • 20 United States Major League Soccer (MLS) teams = $3.14 billion
    • Top 20 International Soccer (Football) teams = $23.2 billion
    That equates to $146.24 billion USD, which leaves Apple's coffers with a grand total of $59.76 billion USD. Even if you extrapolate this out further, that's enough money to easily buy all of the rest of the other soccer teams that don't post their values. That's just a ridiculous amount of money! Share your thoughts.

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