Apple's Tim Cook on 60 Minutes Talks About Steve Jobs, iPhone Cameras, Apple's Taxes & Much More

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Dec 21, 2015.

By dgstorm on Dec 21, 2015 at 12:38 PM
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    Apple was the feature on 60 Minutes recently and Tim Cook was the primary person interviewed during the piece. There were quite a few topics of conversation discussed during the interview, including the "spirit of Steve Jobs" in the company, Jon Ivy's design studio, Apple off-shoring their taxes and much, much more.

    Some of what was said during the 60 Minutes piece could be considered a bit "controversial," but most of it was simply intriguing and illuminating. We basically got an insider's view of Apple as a company and organization. Of course, besides Tim Cook's defense of Apple's Tax practices, and beyond his obvious infatuation with the late Steve Jobs, there were also some meaty discussions regarding the technology in Apple products.

    One of the more interesting topics was shared by Graham Townsend regarding iPhone cameras. Apparently, Apple has a team of 800 people whose soul job is to constantly improve the camera in the iPhone. In fact, 200 separate individual parts make up the iPhone’s camera, and the camera design studio is so sophisticated, it can simulate multiple scenarios to test out cameras before they ever enter production.

    They even discuss how you can get a job at Apple if that is something you are dreaming about. Here's a link to the 60 Minutes web-site where you can watch the full sixty minutes: What's next for Apple?
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Dec 21, 2015.

    1. fb si
      fb si
      I watched the entire report and Tim Cook did very well countering CBS's 'gotcha' questioning format they are so famous for.
    2. justcecil
      Their 40 percent profit caught my attention. IMHO, that has a faint smell of greed. Totally eliminating 70 percent of the lower income group or adding to their credit cards unplayable balance.

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    3. scifan57
      Apple prices have never been cheap and their prices are set the way they are because those prices give them the highest profit margin. Certainly they could sell for less and still make a decent profit but Apple, like any other company, will always try to maximize the profit. Like so many other companies, Apple is simply charging whatever the market will bear.
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    4. fb si
      fb si
      Exactly. How is it "greed" when people willing give their money for a product? I have never understood that line of thinking. Its not like they are the only manufacturer of devices out there. Dont like the price? Dont buy Apple products. Pretty simple really.
    5. justcecil
      We complain with gas prices, although the companies make, on average 7.2 % markup. Many retail stores would be happy with a 25/33 % markup.

      I do agree, don't buy if you do not want to pay the price. My point really was that a 40% markup deprives the majority of lower income level; majority of population in n the USA. Apple has the right to charge whatever, I just have a soft heart for those that live below a level to afford.

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    6. fb si
      fb si
      Youre comparing gasoline (which is essentially a necessity) to Apple products (which are luxury items). If someone wants just basic internet and phone communications, there are other much less expensive options that function well. I see people in the US with EBT cards playing with their iphones in the checkout lines all the time.

      Its smarter for people that cant afford Apple products to purchase those less expensive products. Theres no arguing that Apple products are top shelf and are priced accordingly.

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