Apple's Marketing Typo is Funny: Apple Has 101% of iOS Devices that Visit the App Store

Discussion in 'User News Submissions' started by dgstorm, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Someone in Apple's marketing analytics department made a boo boo. Check out the pie chart above. It's meant to inform us on the numbers regarding which version of iOS Apple devices are using (according to those which visit the App Store). The 68% of Apple devices now already running iOS 8 is impressive to see, and Apple has always done a great job of updating their older devices to the newest version of iOS as quickly as possible.

    It's no secret that they do a much better job of this than Android does. However, that has no bearing on the flaw in this chart. If you peek more closely at all of the numbers in this chart, you might come to a startling realization. When adding up all of the percentages, Apple would seem to have 101% of all Apple devices in existence.

    Obviously this is simply a typo or a rounding error on someone's part... either that or Apple is so good they used a time-machine to sample extra Apple devices from another dimension. :)

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    That extra 1% can cause a very drastic effect in the accuracy of information.

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