Apple's iPads were in high demand over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend

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    Shoppers from the United States have bought plenty of Apple's most popular products over the Black Friday shopping weekend. Albeit the new iPad mini with Retina display still remains in short supply, has managed to respond to the high demand.

    Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank analyzed more than 100 stores over the weekend to assess demand for Apple's products. Whitmore found that the iPhone 5s was in ample supply, which shows that Apple has solved supply issues with their flagship smartphone. Neil Hughes with AppleInsider notes that Apple still had problems with the iPad Mini 2 stock.

    Walmart has recently announced that it sold 1.4 million tablets on Thanksgiving, highlighting the iPad mini as one of its top sellers. eBay revealed that it was selling Apple's iPad at a rate of one unit per second as of midnight. Also, according to analyst Gene Munster of Piper, who analyzed tweets with the hashtag "#BlackFriday", the iPad was the most popular product mentioned.

    Source: AppleInsider

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