Apple's 'iPad Game of the Year in 2014' Makes $5.8 Million From More Than 10M Installs

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    ipad game of the year revenues.jpeg

    Monument Valley is one of the best iPad games currently available on the iTunes store, and it has actually been named by Apple as the 'iPad Game of the Year' in 2014 and also earned the Design Award. But just how profitable games like these are? Now we can form an idea as the developers of the game have revealed some interesting stats on their blog.

    It seems that Monument Valley has been installed on over 10 million unique devices since it debuted in April last year, but there were only around 2.4 million official sales, the rest of them being attributed to pirated and illegal downloads. Still, the company managed to take in a revenue of around $5.8 million.

    Developer Ustwo also informs that it took 8 (core) team members 55 weeks to build the game, at a cost of $852,000. Here are some other interesting stats:
    • 81.7% of Monument Valley’s revenue has come from iOS
    • 38% of its sales come from users in the United States
    • 50% of those who have played the game went on to finish it
    • 575,608 players paid for the ‘Forgotten Shores’ pack
    • $145,540: highest one-day revenue
    While these stats reveal that a popular iPad game can bring in a lot of money for the developing company, they also speak about the costs involved. Monument Valley is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad owners for a price of $4.

    Source: Monument Valley, iTunes
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    Really liked this game. Well worth the price. I even timed it right and got the extra Product Red level.

    It's not difficult, at least most of the levels aren't. But is very absorbing. And the first levels are a story, of sorts.
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    Hummm, maybe I need to try this this game

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