Apple's iOS 8 Finally Cracks the 50 Percent Adoption Barrier

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    Apple is known for being able to quickly bring the latest version of its operating system to most supported devices, being in big contrast with Google's Android who has always faced fragmentation problems. Now, according to data provided by Apple itself to developers, Apple's iOS 8 adoption has finally breaken 50% nearly 6 weeks after launch.

    Apple informs that as of Oct. 27, iOS 8 was installed on 52 percent of devices registered through the App Store. Thus, iOS 8 finally surpasses the marketshare of iOS 7, which accounts for 43 percent to the data om Apple's developer webpage.

    These new numbers represent a five percent increase in adoption over the past three weeks. Still, the iOS 8 adoption is slower than last year's iOS 7, which garnered a 52 percent share of Web traffic in only one week.

    The botched iOS 8.0.1 patch could be one of the causes for the slow update, since owners could be reluctant to upgrade to the latest iOS 8 version. However, Apple's latest iOS 8.1 update is said to be stable, with no major glitches, which means iOS 8 adoption is bound to increase over the coming weeks.

    Source: Apple

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