Apple's Flagship Store on 5th Avenue in New York 'attacked' by Mentally Ill 'Samurai'

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    Late Friday night the folks at the Apple flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York got quite a scare. Apparently, a mentally ill man identified as Hsu Chien walked into the store brandishing a real Samurai Sword. Chien supposedly wandered up the store’s iconic winding glass staircase, wildly waving the sword around while screaming.

    Chien supposedly demanded an iPhone, and at some point he started counting down loudly, leading some terrified customers to think he might have a bomb. Apple's security personnel managed to subdue Chien, and eventually handed him over to the Police once they arrived. Chien was taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

    Source: Man taken into custody after allegedly waving around sword inside flagship Midtown Apple Store


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