Apple's Big Event Included Some Interesting iPhone Tidbits & More

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    We were quite surprised when Apple lead off their event with several interesting statistics regarding their newest iPhones. The event is obviously the big launch of the their next iPad products, but Apple isn't above "tooting their own horn" and we can't blame them. The newest iPhone has been the biggest iPhone launch in the company's history, with over 9 Million iPhones sold in the first weekend of launch.

    Apple also took some time to make sure we were aware that nearly two-thirds of all iPhones are now upgraded to iOS7. They also shared what a great success iTunes Radio has been. People listened to over 1 Billion songs in just a month! After these details, Apple continued to share some of their amazing successes, and poke a bit of fun at the competition. They then jumped straight into OS X, and got the event rolling!

    In fact, they announced that OS X Mavericks is now Free as of today!

    They then went into the new MacBooks, the Mac Pro and more.

    Apple always does a fantastic job of presenting their products!

    More coming so stay tuned!
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