Apple's App Store Distribution Dashboard Says iOS 8 is Running on 63 percent of all iOS Devices

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    According to the latest data, it seems that iOS 8 adoption is slowly, but surely picking up. The App Store Distribution dashboard has been updated with new information, saying that iOS 8 was running on 63 percent of all iOS devices as of December 8.

    The new data becomes official 82 days after the iOS 8 release in September and shows that the operating system's adoption rate still lags behind iOS 6 and iOS 7's, but it's up a solid 16 percent since two months ago.

    The iOS 8 update requires a substantial amount of free space to install, so this could be one of the reasons why so many are reluctant to make the jump. Also, there have been many reported bugs and glitches, which have been fixed with subsequent iOS 8 updates.

    Similar data from Mixpanel shows that iOS 8 is running on around 63.94 percent of active iDevices at the moment, while 33.42 percent run iOS 7, and 2.64 percent run an older version. The Fiksu iOS 8 tracker shows adoption at a slightly lower 58.98 percent and says that iOS 7 was running on 71.1 percent of active devices at this point in its lifecycle.

    What about you? Have you made the jump to iOS 8 already? Are you loving or hating it so far?

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