AppleCare support website gets updated with 24/7 live chat

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Having problem with one of your Apple devices? Well, whatever it is, there’s nothing to be worried about, since Apple has just updated its AppleCare support portals adding 24/7 live chat support. So, it doesn’t matter you were working late and something went wrong with your Mac. There will be someone there at the other end of the line who’s going to be able to help you.

    The new AppleCare interface features a more intuitive display, with separate icons for each distinctive Apple product (Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad) ​​or service (iTunes). The Software and apps category has its own separate category, so unlike before it’s covered in the program.

    After clicking on the device you want to request help for, the site will offer a bunch of other options to choose from. In the iPhone section, users are asked to select from a list of simple issues, the one they are facing themselves with. When customers have finally identified their issues, they are able to select the way they would feel most comfortable receiving help by: making a call to the Apple Support line, a live chat session, or scheduling an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar.

    As for the live chat support, even if before it was restricted to some hardware and software issues, customers will be happy to know that it has extended to cover all varieties of problems.

    With the AppleCare site reinvented, Apple is not expected to apply the same make over to the service per se. We’re probably going to see things starting to move, in the following months. So keep an eye out.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    Great move. Live chat is a useful tool and very convenient!
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    It looks like this isn't available in the UK unless i'm missing something.

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