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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by XDRoX, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I'm going to order an iPad mini tomorrow for my 4year old son. He currently has an iPad1 but it won't play a lot of his newer games. It freezes or resets from some of the better games.

    So I figure a 32GB iPad mini will be perfect for him. He also has Apple TV in his room which he enjoys linking to. We only allow 1 hour a day for iPad or TV, but he really enjoys the 1 hour.

    So my question is about applecare+.
    What I can't seem to find is if it covers all accidents, like water damage. I'm OK with the $99 price, and the $49 replacement fee. I just want to be sure that it will cover any kind of damage. and can't find a definite answer online.

    I prefer to get the applecare+ instead of the other options because I want to order through apple (engraving), and want to take care of it all tomorrow when I order the mini.

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    Yes, it covers ALL accidents. Get it. :)

    ps. It can't hurt to ask Apple themselves. But this insurance would be no good if it didn't cover all accidents.

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