Apple’s new "Life on iPad" webpage documents how iPad improves people's lives

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    The holiday shopping season is starting soon and Apple wants to give consumers one more reason to buy their iconic tablet. For that Apple has published a new page on its website, called "Life on iPad" and it depicts six stories of people using their iPads in various ways to improve their lives.

    The six stories show how wind turbine technicians take the iPads up with them when they make service calls, how a surgeon uses a sterile-wrapped iPad for reference during procedures and how an off-road racing team uses an iPad mini to plot their courses. The remaining three stories include a wine maker, a Broadway dance choreographer, a scuba diver and a speedskater using an iOS app to record and analyze her workout sessions.

    Perhaps one of the most interesting examples is the one where Dr. Endo discusses how he and his team created iPad apps to to reduce the possibility of complications during surgery.

    The "Life on iPad" video that debuted at the company's iPad Air event in October can also be found on the new webpage. What are you using your iPad for?

    Source: AppleInsider, Apple

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