Apple’s new iPad Mini 2 is in very short supply at carriers

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    Short supply woes continue for the Retina display iPad Mini and now, according to a report from Cnet, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all back-ordered on the cellular version of the Retina iPad Mini, Verizon's shipping date now showing December 2.

    AT&T’s website says that all models of the Retina iPad mini will ship in 21 to 28 business days while T-Mobile is back-ordered for an estimated 6 to 8 weeks. United States cell carriers aren’t getting adequate supply of the iPad Mini 2, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Apple as the company now quotes a 5 to 10 days shipping time for the Retina display iPad Mini.

    The availability of the iPad Mini 2 3G/4G models is in big contrast with the iPad Air’s situation at launch. When Apple started selling the iPad Air on November 1, the stock was plentiful, and the tablet was available at Verizon, AT&T, and other carriers on the same day.

    A new survey which comprised of 172 Apple stores around the U.S. is showing that fewer than a third of Apple’s new iPad Mini retina models are currently available for in-store pickup. supply. Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White said in a research note this morning:

    A potential culprit for the restrained supply could be Sharp, which is apparently inexperienced with accommodating Retina display panels inside a smaller-sized iPad while also not compromising battery life. Besides, short supply, the iPad Mini 2 has recently been struck by image retention problems and bad color accuracy reports.

    Source: AppleInsider, VentureBeat

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