Apple’s Manufacturing Partners Say Steve Jobs Leaving Won't Affect Supply Chain

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Boy Genius Report says today that according to the latest news from DigiTimes, two of Apple’s iPad and iPhone manufacturing partners, Foxconn and Quanta Computer, have said that Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO last week will have “minimal†impact on supply chain orders. According to the report, Jobs’ successor as CEO, Tim Cook, has already been working with the manufacturing process in recent weeks when he has been acting CEO during Jobs’ then temporary, but now permanent, absence. However, as far as Apple’s "brand recognition, creativity and innovation" is concerned, DigiTimes’ sources say that there is a possibility that these elements could be affected by Jobs’ departure, depending on whether or not Apple can find another “driver of innovation†like Jobs. DigiTimes adds that Jobs’ leaving could also give some of its rivals, such as HTC and Samsung, a chance to catch up, and that we could see a shift in the industry as a whole over the coming months. Only time will tell.

    Source: Apple suppliers expect minimal impact from Jobs's departure
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    is not reason..!

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