Apple’s iWatch could hit the market later this year

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    Earlier this month we mentioned some rumors stating that Apple is in the process of developing a smart watch – the iWatch, as it has been dubbed by the press. Now, more information surfaces about the seemingly upcoming gadget, via a report released this week by Bloomberg.

    According to the report, Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive, is a big fan of the project and has been known to order Nike sports watches for his entire team some years back. It is supposed that the watches were delivered in ordered to be analyzed.

    Previous reports have claimed that Ive ha​​s already assembled a team that numbers more than 100 engineers to do the job. The Bloomberg article adds some more info, stating that Apple has choosen to work around iOS and model it so it could run on a smartwatch as opposed to using the iPod touch operating system. Using the iPod OS made sense as the device is already the size of a watch, but apparently Apple has other plans.

    So far, using the iOS in the design process has Apple facing battery problems. The team has set as one of its goals to make a battery that would last at least through 4-5 days of constant use but so far they are only getting enough power for two days.

    With all that, the report claims that the watch will be out later this year. The gadget is probably going to be in time for Google’s high-concept Glass wearable device. Apple loves a good competition.

    Source: Network World


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