Apple Watch to be Released in Time for Valentine’s Day, Says New Report

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    At the iPhone launch event, Apple also announced the Apple Watch, but the company didn't give us an exact release date. And since then, various rumors have kept piling up, with most of them suggesting that Apple is experiencing troubles in the supply chain and that's why it had to delay the launch to early 2015.

    This rumor is somehow confirmed by The Information publication, which has learned from sources familiar with the matter that Apple employees and partners were expecting “until recently” to see the Apple Watch in stores this year. Here's what the publication said:

    "Earlier this year, Apple executives indicated to some employees and others involved in the product that it was expected launch for the holidays. But at some point in recent months that changed, according to these people, who surmised that Apple wanted more time on the software and the apps. The Information previously reported some development hiccups, including consideration of a new screen.”

    The same publication, along with 9to5Mac says that “Apple would be lucky to ship it by Valentine’s Day”, which is, as we all know it, on the 14th of February. It will be an unusual time for Apple to release a completely new device, considering that it's missing the holiday season.

    But Apple needs time to refine its product and make sure it doesn't compromise on apps and software. Apple senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams recently said this:

    “We want to make the best product in the world. One of our competitors is on their fourth or fifth attempt, but nobody is wearing them.”

    Source: TheInformation

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