Apple Watch Ship Times Are Now Just One Day for All but the Edition Models

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    Great news if you’ve been waiting for just the right time to treat yourself to an Apple Watch, as AppleInsider reports today that Apple’s U.S. online store is now showing that all non-Edition Apple Watch models now have a ship time of just one day. This even includes previously scarce models such as the diamond-like carbon-coated Space Black stainless steel version.

    However, international availability is not quite so good, although it is improving. In the U.K. and China, for example, customers can still expect to wait around three to five days for the more popular versions, such as the 42mm Apple Watch with Milanese loop.

    As far as the solid-gold Apple Watch Edition models are concerned, AppleInsider says that shipping times are currently either three to five days or five to seven days, depending on the colour gold and band type required.

    AppleInsider also refers to last week’s reports of a 90% drop in sales for the Apple Watch since the device was first launched, which the mass media erroneously reported on as referring to across-the-board sales for the watch, when in fact the figures were only referring to a sample of e-shoppers that were polled by Slice Intelligence.

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    The one day shipping applies in Canada as well.
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