Apple Watch Bands' Prices Range from $49 for Sport to $449 for Link Bracelet, Chargers cost $29/$39

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    The most affordable Apple Watch version costs $349, but that's the price if you don't want to buy any accessories at all. And while it's fine if you don't need a separate band, you will definitely have to buy a charger, which will set you back $29 for a 1 meter length.

    But if you're interested in getting a separate strap to further personalize your device, you need to know that they range from as low as $49 for the Sport version and can reach $449 for the 42mm Link Bracelet model.

    However, only some straps are available as a separate purchase, since not all bands will be available for purchase separately, as they come only with new Watch purchases. Of course, all separate band purchases come available in both sizes of 38 and 42 millimeters.

    The fluroelastomer Sport band comes in color options of black, black with space gray stainless steel pin, white, pink, blue and green and will cost $49. The magnetic milanese loop is priced at $149, just as the leather loop band. It comes in stone, light brown, black, and bright blue colors.

    The black classic buckle is priced at $149 and the $249 modern buckle leather band is available in colors of midnight blue, soft pink, black and brown. The link bracelet is priced at $449, being crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the steel Apple Watch case.

    The USB to MagSafe magnetic charging cable is priced at $29 for a one-meter cable, and $39 for two meters.

    Source: Apple
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    According to the listings in the Apple Online Store, every Apple Watch comes with the charging cable. They're priced separately for those who will need more than one.
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    42mm Black Leather loop large @149.
    I think this is for me

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