Apple wants to trademark the design of its Apple stores

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Apple has always been known for fiercely protecting the design ideas of every product it has ever released. Now, a new report claims that Apple has taken things to a whole new level and is ready to patent the minimalist design and layout of its retail stores. The company has even filed its request officially with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

    Apparently, Apple is right to be concerned because in countries like China, copy-cat Apple stores have started popping up, managing to fool customers they were actually in a real Apple store. The Cupertino tech giant has been trying to trademark the design of its stores, but the Patent and Trademark Office has so far rejected the application claiming that the stores weren’t “inherently distinctiveâ€.

    However, this time, Apple managed to bring enough evidence to convince the Office’s board that Apple stores are one of a kind. The trademark covers different key aspects, we have all been accustomed to seeing around the Apple stores and have become very familiar to our eyes. We’re talking about paneled facades, rectangular tables arranged in a straight line in the middle of the store, paralleling the walls, the back-lit Apple logo, the way the store is lit and of course the Genius Bar.

    Some time ago, Apple managed to get a patent even for the floating glass staircase in its retail units, listing Steve Jobs as its creator. Nevertheless, the battle is not over yet, Apple still has to find the means to prove that the threat of customers being confused by fake Apple Stores is real.

    Source: Reuters

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    yes agree these days its better to trademark or patent ideas and designs not just new invention either its bad or good ones because some people like to copy anything and sometimes makes it better and more famous so if we would have a base for lawsuit when that happen and apple learnt their lesson already from the battle against samsung :p
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    I'm sorry but that's a little silly and I file it under the paranoia category. Patent the store look? They already tried to patent a shape which I also found absurd. If shoppers are that dumb and can't figure out where they are then the problem isn't with the store, it's with the shoppers themselves.

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    Hey is this an Apple store or a Walmart can someone help me :D
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    To be fair though the chinese government do nothing about trademarks anyway is it not the capital of fake, poor knock off goods? They dont care what it is they will make a cheaper version and even steal the names and just change one letter etc.
    I bought a clock on ebay once and they sent me one with chinese/english instructions that said CLOCK without the L !!!
    They are getting away with it scot free and there country allows this.

    Take a look at these cars for example.
    First pic.
    Top, left to right: Mercedes C-Class v Geely Merrie 300. Bottom, left to right: Shuanghuan v Smart Fortwo

    Second pic
    Top, left to right: Mini v Lifan 320. Bottom, left to right: Maserati v Geely GT

    Third pic
    Left, top to bottom: Holden Frontera v Landwind Right, top to bottom: Honda CRV vs Laibao SRV

    Even logos are not safe.

    I even heard they were planning to copy rover with a wover! Haha cant get any more obvious.

    I think apple have to do everything they can otherwise they will lose the chinese market they have tried so hard to get.

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