Apple updates Siri so it can help those thinking about suicides

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jun 21, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on Jun 21, 2013 at 2:03 PM
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    Life today in the current economic conditions might leave a lot of people giving up hope of ever reaching a state of normality. That’s most likely why the number of people contemplating suicide has increased in the last few years. With such worrying statistics available, Apple has decided to release a much needed update for the iOS which might eventually end up saving your life.

    Until recently Siri wasn’t equipped to handle your depression. If you said out loud “I want to kill myself†the virtual assistant wouldn’t be much of a help to you, because it would just search the web in response to your claim. Even worse, if you would have been more specific like saying “I want to drink poison†it would have searched for the nearest chemical shop.​​

    Now, however, when “hearing†your claims, Siri will advise you to get some immediate help by saying: “If you are thinking about suicide, you may want to speak with someone at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.†The assistant will then proceed to actually call the number if you give your OK. In case you fail to say anything for a short period of time, good old Siri will automatically list near-by centers you can get help from immediately

    John Draper, director of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network, applauded Apple’s efforts in trying to help depressed individuals:

    "They were extremely excited and interested in helping, and they were very thorough about best approaches. We talked with a number of our national advisers and they advised us on key words that could better identify if a person was suicidal so it could then offer the Lifeline number."

    Source: ABC News


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jun 21, 2013.

    1. s2mikey
      Sounds like a noble idea but they had better be careful. If someone did kill themselves could a lawsuit ensue blaming Siri somehow? Ya know how things are now.
    2. BettiBz
      Siri and suicides

      Amazing! Can I get Siri on ipad 2?
    3. scifan57
      I'm afraid Siri is only available on the iPad 3 and later.
    4. leelai
      Well this is certainly something I just never thought about.

      All very interesting and if it can help folk who are feeling like this, then it's a great thing!
    5. Harmoniiee
      You can get it on ipad 2 but only if u jailbreak and even than I have heard that its a complicated process, not really worth it
    6. Wildfire
      You have to be really desperate to tell Siri about your being "lebensmüde"
      Maybe they can have Siri become a personal adviser with whom the person in need can have a conversation to overcome their loneliness...

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    7. maria7919
      Siri will be in both a womans voice and a male voice.. I'm going to get the Male voice and name it heizenberg

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