Apple Updates its Website with Details on the Battery Life of the Apple Watch

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    After Apple officially launched the Apple Watch this past Friday, the company has now updated its website with details on the battery life of the device.

    Apple has updated the Service and Recycling section of the Batteries page, where it now states that the Watch should hold 80 percent of its original capacity at 1,000 "complete" charge cycles (charging from empty to full).

    Apple also informs that a defective Apple Watch battery can be replaced for free under warranty coverage, including AppleCare+. However, if you need a swap, then this will cost $99 in the U.S., plus $7 in shipping. Apple also reassures that it will recycle batteries responsibly:

    "Putting any battery directly in the trash is dangerous for the environment and for those who live in it. By servicing your Apple batteries only through Apple or an Apple authorized service provider, you can be sure they’ll be recycled with respect for the earth. You can recycle your entire device with us, battery included — you might even qualify for a credit to use toward a new Apple product."

    Source: Apple

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