Apple Unveils Four New Apple Watch Videos

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    Apple has released four striking new videos today showcasing the Apple Watch being used in everyday life, writes MacRumors.

    In each of the videos, we get to see how the Apple Watch helps people in their daily lives, for example when travelling, working out, or bringing up baby.

    In the “Beijing” video, two girlfriends are shown on the “trip of a lifetime” to Beijing, using the Apple Watch at various points on the trip, such as consulting a map, using the currency conversion, or even sending an “SOS” message sketch when needing to be extricated from an awkward situation on the dancefloor.

    In the “Berlin” video, subtitled “for exploring new places like never before,” you see two women tourists using the watch to help them find places to eat, as well as entertainment and dance venues in Berlin.

    In the third video, “Closer,” “for all the ups and downs of parenthood,” we see how the Apple Watch can help busy parents in many little ways, such as letting the family know the baby’s sex with a simple sketch, to enabling the baby’s mother to take a phone call when she’s literally holding the baby!

    And finally, in the fourth video, “Goals,” “for setting goals and sticking with them,” we see how easy it is to use the Apple Watch to help you achieve a variety of exercise goals.

    Overall, it’s a very smart campaign from Apple, especially just as everyone is getting ready to go on vacation, highlighting how useful the watch can be when travelling in a foreign country, for example.


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