Apple Trap HD for iPad: Updated to entertain more!

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    Updated features:

    ★Integrated GameCenter based on the number of Successful Traps.
    ★Addition of 3D apples to improve the visualization of the game.

    No more spending time to find a game where Strategy is the only key to Success. We present to you "APPLE TRAP HD", a freaky strategic game, which promises to offer plenty of fun.

    The Objective of the Game is to trap the LONELY Green apple in this basket group so that it shouldn't find a way to escape.
    A LONELY Green Apple is found in a bunch of baskets which wants to escape from the bunch. Lay a TRAP by tapping on each basket which locks the exit root of the apple.

    1. You can undo the previous move so that you get a chance to trap the apple.
    2. The baskets at the boundaries are the escape routes for the apple.
    3. Soothing background music and images.
    4. Polished background.
    4. You can challenge your friend to beat your score of the number of successful traps and failures.

    This game is highly recommended to all game fans, just sit back and trap the LONELY Green Apple.

    Grab the Game soon guys. Its completely free to download only until this weekend.

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