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    The iPad Air has finally went on sale on Friday and according to some reports, the stock for the fifth-generation iPad is plentiful. However, while currently there are still enough iPad Air models available both online and in stores, it might not stay that way for long. That’s why developer Mordy Tikotzky has created a web tool that checks all of Apple's stores near a particular ZIP code for iPad Air availability, saving you from all the iPad hunt hussle.

    Tikotzky has also developed a similar tool when the iPhone 5s was launched. Now, consumers can go to and see the iPad Air in-store pickup availability at the 20 closest Apple Stores. Even more, the developer is going to add soon a feature that notifies users via email when iPad Air stock is available at the selected store.

    At the moment, most iPad Air models seem to be in good supply, with only the 128 GB iPad Air model being in short supply at some Apple Stores across the USA. It’s worthing pointing out that a similar tool has been created or the iPad Mini with Retina display which is expected to have troubles with the supply.

    The tracking tool works by compiling and reformatting data pulled in from Apple's official online store, but there might be some inaccuracies as it does not necessarily reflect stock on hand.

    Are you looking to get the iPad Air or you are waiting for the iPad Mini 2?

    Source: Cnet
    Source 2: Apple-Tracker
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