Apple to Showcase Education Benefits at iPad Mini Launch

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    With the announcement of the iPad mini just a day away now, AppleInsider reports that according to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to highlight the value of its smaller version of the iPad to the education sector, at the launch event. Although the iPad has already proved very popular in the educational sector, the $399 entry-level iPad 2 is still considered a little steep for many schools, but, AppleInsider notes, a smaller iPad, priced at around $250, will be much more attractive and affordable for schools and other educational institutions, as well as to the public at large, and to the enterprise. AppleInsider adds that other reports about the unveiling of the iPad mini tomorrow have also stressed that Apple is keen to emphasise education, as well as iBooks, with the mini iPad being a perfect competitor for e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This also possibly ties in with an iBooks refresh which is on the way, and which may also be unveiled tomorrow.

    Source: 'iPad mini' event reaffirmed to highlight education uses

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