Apple to Introduce Wireless Charging for iPhone and iPad in 2017?

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    According to a report on Bloomberg Business, Apple could be planning to release a wirelessly charged iPhone and iPad in 2017. Bloomberg says that it has heard from sources familiar with Apple’s plans that the company is working with its partners in the U.S. and Asia with the aim of devising wireless charging technology for iPhones and iPads.

    And while wireless charging is currently available for smartphones from the likes of Sony and Samsung, Apple wants to go one step further (literally!) than its rivals and use cutting-edge technology to produce iPhones and iPads that can be charged at a distance, rather than being placed on charging mats, which is what currently happens with wirelessly chargeable smartphones. This could even mean that you would be able to charge your iPhone when walking round your home and holding it in your hand, possibly using another Apple device, such as a Mac, to charge it wirelessly.

    Source: Apple Developing Wireless-Charged iPhone for as Soon as 2017

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