Apple to Hold “Lucky Bag” New Year Promotion in Japan

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    According to a report on AppleInsider today, Apple may have decided to abandon its “12 Days of Gifts” promotion in the UK and US, but it will still be holding its annual “Lucky Bags” promotion in Japan this week.

    The news comes via Apple’s official Japan retail website, which posted terms and conditions for the Lucky Bags promotion, announcing that it will start at 8 a.m. on January 2, 2015, with various Apple Retail Stores in Japan opening two hours early to deal with the expected crowds.

    The Lucky Bags custom, which is called “Fukubukuro” in Japanese, involves major retailers in Japan selling sealed grab-bags that contain sought-after, and often expensive, items.

    There’s always an element of risk involved in the purchase, as the contents are secret, but the value of the various goods usually adds up to more than the asking price. Last year Apple’s Lucky Bags cost 36,000 yen each (roughly $343), with some containing an 11-inch MacBook Air, iPad Air, or first-generation iPad mini.

    With bargains like that, it's about time Apple started the Lucky Bags tradition in the rest of the world!

    Source: AppleInsider

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