Apple Threatens Suppliers With a $50M Penalty if Product Info Leaks

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    We know that Apple cares a lot about maintain its products secret up until the very launch day. However, judging by the huge amount of leaks prior to every iPhone and iPad launch, we can't really say that the company manages to prevent secret information from leaking. But, at least, Apple does all that it can in order to set up strict rules with its suppliers.

    According to a recent story from the Financial Times publication, it seems that Apple may fine a partner that reveal its secrets up to $50 million for every slip up. The information comes from a court document filed by Apple's sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), which is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings.

    GTAT also said that the high level of confidentiality is making bankruptcy proceedings tough for them. It seems that because of the secrecy arrangements with Apple, GTAT not only is requesting that the court would allow it to file certain documents in secret, but it is also asking that even its request for secrecy be kept a secret.

    GT Advanced Technologies, Apple's supplier for sapphire panels, says that the potential fees have "compelled" it to request this level of confidentiality.

    GT had originally been tipped to produce sapphire crystal displays for the iPhone 6, but they are using "ion-strengthened glass" instead. This had a bad outcome for GTAT, as its share price wen tumbling, and now it needs the court's help to save it from total collapse.

    Source: FT
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    Apple really is desperate to keep their plans confidential, genius move.

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