Apple Targets Business Market in an Attempt to Boost Falling iPad Sales

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    The Wall Street Journal writes that Apple is making a bold move towards the business computer market in a bid to boost failing iPad sales. It seems that Apple is working with more than 40 technology companies, a lot of whom are smaller accounting and sales app makers, in order to convince them that the iPad would be good for their businesses.

    Although previously Apple has not paid that much attention to the $2 trillion annual workplace technology market, it seems like that has all changed due to the iPad's declining sales.

    Apple is also taking other very un-Apple-like steps, according to the WSJ, such as inviting officials from accounting company Xero Ltd and other business app firms to train Apple business specialists.

    Some of these parties were invited to present at an Apple sales conference in March in Huntington Beach, California, all the more unusual because this event is usually closed to anyone outside of Apple, according to the WSJ’s source.


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