Apple takes the second spot in the Best Global Brands chart

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    Each year a report by Interbrand comes out about the Best Global Brands. It includes famous names like Ikea, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Pepsi. And of course the world’s favorite tech company wasn’t left out – in 2012 Apple takes the 2nd spot in the Best Global Brands chart.

    This year, Apple’s total brand value increased more than 129% to reach a total $76.5 billion. Cupertino broke another record, because compared to the other 99 companies on the list it experienced the biggest growth. As it makes up the top, Interbrand takes into account whether or not customers were influenced by the brand to purchase a certain product and how financially successful these brands turned out to be in the end.

    Apple has come a long way since 2011. Back then it only occupied a modest 8th place in the Interbrand chart, but since then has leapt 6 positions ahead. Only Coca Cola remains in the way of absolute victory. Cupertino managed to leave behind extremely popular brands like McDonalds, GE, Google, Microsoft and IBM.

    Even if it did not come first, Apple managed to beat Google who only got spot 4 in the chart. The other brands that made the top 5 were Microsoft and IBM.

    By Radu

    Apple named No. 2 global brand, "top riser" for 2012

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